Friday 21 December 2012

Leighton Buzzard

Caching today. It's been a bit rainy in the last couple of days, but today was fine, although somewhat soggy underfoot. So I left the bike in the car.

I did two rings, and when I got back to the car after the second one, I decided it was time for home. I was very glad I'd left the bike - I went over some very cloggy ground, which is hell on bikes because the mud jams the wheels.

I crossed one field that had an over-friendly horse; he kept coming up behind me and nudging me with his nose. I had to speak quite sharply to him.

The day out gave me a chance to contemplate a problem I had on a server, and I noted down a few things to try when I got back. I find that a while spent thinking about a problem is usually much better than jumping straight in with the sledgehammer.

I left a 120 ml container totally submerged in water for 24 hours, and it's still completely dry inside, so that went well. I've also just taken delivery of 100 25 ml containers. They're slightly larger than a 35 mm film can, and look nicely watertight. They'd have to be - they're designed for medical use, for specimens. These are unused, though, so no lingering odour!

And the Geocaching Robot Arm is now live.

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