Sunday 23 December 2012

A year of blogging

I started this blog exactly a year ago. Much has happened since then.

The big news is that I've gone from 18 stone 5 (257 pounds) on May 2nd to 15 stone 6 (216 pounds). I've lost 41 pounds. 41 pounds is about the weight of an electric bike plus a couple of batteries, and I wouldn't like to lug one of those around with me everywhere. The weight loss will also be good for the hip tendonitis problem I had this time last year, and the foot problem, plantar fascitis, which I've had now and then. I can go upstairs two at a time, and not feel that it's difficult.

Some people have asked me how I did the weight loss. It's simple. I eat less, but still go geocaching, which is lots of exercise. And posting my weight on this blog each week helps me, because it's a public committment.

On the tooth issue; the pin-attached fake front tooth that the dentist made for me after one of my beloved front teeth broke off, came loose three times. After the third time, he said "It's time for plan B". Plan B was, extract the stump of the old tooth (which I was dreading, but turned out to be not too bad) and make a bridge. That has worked very well, and I now have a complete-looking set of front teeth again.  Not such good news on the back teeth, though; small bits break off every now and then. My dentist blames the dentists of my early youth whose answer to any dental problem was drill deep, which badly weakened the teeth..

Overall, healthwise, I'm good. Probably the weight loss helped there.

I've done a lot of geocaching, although I've lost the commanding lead I had at the start of the year over other cachers in the UK, because there was a period of a few months when I did almost nothing, because of the hip problem.

I've discovered the Raspberry Pi, and I've been doing a lot of stuff with that, including getting the Geocaching Robotic Arm working again.

Grandson.1, now aged 1 1/2, is now calling me "Grandpa", or at least that's what daughter.1 and ladysolly tell me. To me, it sounds a bit garbled, but my hearing isn't as good as theirs.

I acquired ladysolly's old iPhone, and I have to agree with everyone who says how great it is, although this particular model (I think it's a 3) is not much use for geocaching. And I've been promised her old iPad; I suspect that's my Christmas present.

I've been doing a lot of biking on the electric bike I acquired last year from Ebay; so much so that I've bought three new batteries, new brake cables, new gear shifters, new brake pads and a new helmet.

So, it's been another good year.

Merry Christmas to both of my readers!


  1. and a Happy Christmas to you!

  2. Wow and into 2013 we go more caching and more pi s, merry Christmas to you and the family.

  3. And merry Christmas from, evidently, the silent third reader :)