Wednesday 10 October 2012

Wireless on the M60

It's really important for me to get Wireless Lan working on the new Dell. And it wasn't working. Why? because the internal Wifi doesn't work with Linux, and you have to patch the firmware. So I tried that, and it still didn't work. After much Googling and patching and trying to understand the problem, I thought, sod it, I have a Belkin Wireless Lan PC Card that I got for Rover (a Sony Vaio) and since Rover isn't working, the card isn't being used.

So I shoved it into the PC Card slot, and Bingo! Immediate Wireless Lan. So I'll go with that. And since I'm visiting daughter.1 on Friday to do a bit of babysitting, I'll take it down with me so I can leave it there as a permanent box for me to use while I'm there.

£99. Not bad!

 ... later ...

I tried the Vaio wireless card, and that worked also. And then I noticed something ... and took both cards out ... and the Dell's internal wifi was working fine! Something I did must have fixed it and I didn't notice. Oh well!

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