Monday 8 October 2012

Up North

This morning, up the M1 to Draughton for a day on the bike. First a ring of 20 caches, all without hints, but I managed to find all of them. Then I picked up a few puzzles I'd solved, and then I tried to do the Brampton Valley Way multi. I made a real hash of it; forgot to count the picnic tables, got the name of the area wrong, but eventually I sorted all that oiut and plotted a very plausible set of coords. But the area was so overgrown in brambles and nettles, I gave up after a while.

Then on to another sort-of ring; I had to do a bit of backtracking to complete this one, again no hints, but again I got them all.

Then on to the Brampton Valley Way for a few more, although I decided not to risk the tree-climmbing ones.

While doing one of the caches (the abandoned village at Faxton, I saw this:

Very fenced in! It's either a highly radioactive storage system, or some sort of religious thing whose significance has been lost in the mists of time.

Towards the end of the day, it rained a bit, so I was able to get home both wet and muddy. 50 caches in total, a good day out!

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