Saturday 27 October 2012

To Cambridgeshire with ladysolly

Golly, it was cold today. The car had a thick layer of frost, confirmned by the freezingness when I went outside. So I wore three layers, plus my coat; ladysolly was similarly bundled up.

On the way there, we talked about tablets. She's definitely getting an iPad 4, the only question she has is whether it should be white or black. It's just as well those are the only two colours.

She's also ruled out the iPad mini, but she's thinking of getting a Kindle Fire, for book-reading and playing bridge. The iPad, apparently, is too heavy to be lugged around London. And the iPhone 5 is barely bigger than the iPhone she already has, the 4.

I'm still looking forward to inheriting her old iPad 1.


Last night, I discovered that a process that should have been happening, hadn't been. So I started it going, and then discovered that it would take about a week to complete. So I fired up several more computers so they could all share in the load, and that worked fine. But in doing so, I discovered one computer that wouldn't start up at all, and another that had one of it's drives gone bad. So now I need to replace six computers at my colocation in Cheltenham.

I've already got four ready for installation, so today I started making the other two. They'll each be using an 8gb CF card as the system disk, and a 2TB plus a 3TB for data.

We got to Bassingbourn, and sat in the car for lunch. When we got out, the first thing we both noticed is that it was really really cold - I was glad of my three layers+coat, and put on thick winter gloves. We did 14 caches, of which 2 DNFs. We got back to the car a couple of hours later, and were glad of the hot coffee. Then we just drove around a bit and did drive-bys, with me as the volunteer for getting out of the car each time. 24 finds total.

A very nice day out.

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