Friday 19 October 2012

Milton Keynes again

This time, the Magenta section of the Milton Keynes Boundary Walk. This looked like it was all on footpaths, and the ground would be very soggy, so I decided to walk it. I left my bike at the end (locked using a really good lock), drove to the start, and set off.

It certainly was soggy, and I wasn't regretful at not taking the bike. Eventually I got to where I'd left my bike, and it was still there. So I attached my walking pole to the bike, and cycled back to the car, on the roads. This was a long way round, but better than walking back the way I'd come, plus I was able to pick up three more caches on the way.

Then on to Salcey Forest, where I grabbed a couple more from the forest walkabout, a solved puzzle, and a few of the Green MKBW series. But by that time, it had settled in to rain, a steady drizzle that left me soaked, so after finding a few more, I set off for home. A good day out, albeit very damp.

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