Sunday 7 October 2012

Center Parcs

Well, here we are in Center Parcs. My first impression was very unfavourable - we were stuck in a car queue for half an hour to get in.

The accommodation is very nice, though.

My previous experience with Center Parcs was when I had to rush out to rescue daughter.2 who was staying at one and was thoroughly miserable. I expect she was staying in one of the more squalid hovels.

The wifi works well, although it says it's going to require me to log in every 24 hours, which will be slightly annoying, because I'm trying to do something on one of my servers that entails being continuously logged in.

Ladysolly, daughter.1 and grandson.1 have all gone shopping, leaving me to recuperate from the 2 hour drive to get here (and 30 minute car queue).

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