Saturday 13 October 2012


Down to London today on a babysitting mission for daughter.1

But first ... the Shimano gear shifter arrived, and I spent a happy couple of hours installing it on the bike. Now I won't need to grip the handlebar with a vice while twisting it to change up a gear, I'll push a lever until it clicks.

I took my new Dell laptop with me, set it up at daughter.1's place and it worked fine. I can check my servers, stay on top of emails and just mess about. I was looking at the Yamasuka Catleap, a 2560 by 1440 monitor for £200, it looks very tasty. I'll be leaving the Dell there so that in future when I visit, I have a good computer to use. And it plays games.

Daughter.2 was there too, so between her and ladysolly, my babyminding skills weren't required.

Supper was some sort of middle eastern food; Lebanese or Turkish, I think, and very nice, although it took far too long to arrive (90 minutes) and ladysolly's fried Dover sole was a grilled one.

We got the last tube home (well, last but one). Just like old times where I was out on the booze.

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