Monday 29 October 2012

Babysitting again

Yesterday to London to visit daughter.1 and grandson.1, to do a spot of babysitting. Daughter.1 was up most of the night previous because grandson.1 was teething, so our visit meant she could get a few hours sleep in the afternoon.

For lunch we had a Japanese curry, plus sushi. The laptop I've left there is working fine, I was able to get up-to-date on email. Then daughter.2 and bf arrived, grandson.1 woke up and we all had a jolly time. Dinner was an Indian curry, and we went home in light rain which decided me not to go out today.

Ladysolly has discovered that the Kindle Fire doesn't let her access the Android Marketplace, which means she'll only be able to use things that Amazon approve. We don't know if her favourite bridge program is on Amazon's approved list, so she's thinking of the mini iPad again. I think she's right; I'd hope it has exactly the same user interface as the iPad 4 (whereas the Kindle would have differences), and using two similar devices with different user interfaces would be very annoying. I had to use Word to get smoething done for her, on her Windows 7 box, and ... Microsoft have *completely* changed the user interface. Maybe there's a way you can tell it to use the old user interface, but I didn't want to take to time to find out, so I used the new UI.

And she's decided on the black iPad 4 (daughter.2 said that white's for rock stars, black's for old women). And it's been ordered. It should arrive in less than a week, according to Apple.

Actually, you could access Android Marketplace if you root the Kindle (which means, getting full access to the device that you paid for) but I don't think she'd want to do that.

Tomorrow the weather is set fair, so I'm planning to go to Papworth for a bike ride.

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