Sunday 9 September 2012

To London to see family

In the morning, I got bike.2 ready for action tomorrow; I adjusted the gears so that I can access all 18 of them. I've never had the courage to adjust gears before, there's so many knobs to twiddle. And I tightened the brakes, got the rear carrier ready for action, and added a front bag carrier, big enough for a few bits and bobs, or even for a bike battery. Tomorrow I'm going back to Basingstoke to do the caches that I would have done yesterday had the bike not let me down. I'm hoping to get bike.1 working again; I've opened up the motor and left it open, so that any moisture inside will evaporate (although I didn't see any), and I also found a couple of the wires in the controller stuck together in a suspicious way that makes me wonder if there was a short circuit back there. I'll see when I reassemble it all.

Then we got on the train to Marylebone, and we arrived at daughter.1 in time for lunch; she and ladysolly went out, leaving me couchbound, because my right foot is hurting a bit, I don't know why, but I'm suspecting the boots which are great when biking, but this is the fist time I've tried walking a fair distance in them, and they came back with a great japanese meal for me.

Then daughter.1 told me about the wifi repeater she'd bought, which she said didn't work because she had a mac, and she'd ordered one three times as expensive which works with the mac. I thought about that a bit, and decided that this couldn't be right because a repeater works with the wifi, not with the PC, it just makes itself look to the PC as if it were the wifi, so I had a look at it, read the manual a bit, and found that there were two ways to set it up, the easy way (you just push a button on the repeater and it sorts it all out). But that only works if you have the correct protocol on your Wifi access point, and I'm guessing she didn't. The other way is slightly manual; you access the repeater using your browser by going to (or something like that). So I tried that, and it worked, and now she has wifi in her living room, and is quite delighted.

Then daughter.2 arrived, with Other Half, and we had a very nice afternoon. Charlie now runs everywhere, and is as fast as a rabbit.

Dinner was a take-out curry, also very nice, and then home on the Chiltern Line train. I was pleased to see a notice in the station announcing that the Paralympics end today; that means that soon I'll be able to go caching in London again.

Good news about the TomTom XXL - I worked out now to add caches to the POIs; my existing program for doing this seems to work fine.

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