Saturday 29 September 2012

Around Broughton

My last chance to get out before the family trip to Center Parc. I say family, actually daughter.2 has refused, she had a very bad experience at a Center Parc once.

So I parked in Broughton, got on my bike and went round another Poshrule series. I went backwards, so I met two cachers going forwards; one was "We do cache and checks". I found 40 out of 40 caches; then two Wennington where I got all but one of the caches. So a total of 56 caches today, no rain, no tumbles, and a very nice day out.

Along the way I saw a fox ... with a bow tie!

He's a straw fox. Later on, I saw llamas, who look very cuddly, but I wouldn't push your luck.

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