Friday 6 April 2012

Spring clean

Well, it's Easter, and a good time for a bit of spring cleaning. One of my keyboards had reached the point at which it was so filthy, I was starting to be reluctant to touch it, so it got the antiseptic spray and soft cloth treatment, and now is sparkling bright and squeaky clean.

And I thought, how about my phone, a Nokia 5800 running Symbian? The problem there is backups. I've been doing backups on it, but the backups go to the memory card on the phone, which is pretty useless if I lose the phone, so I've been copying the backup files to a PC. But. If I do lose this phone, I won't be replacing it with another like it. It'll be either Apple or Android, and they quite possibly won't understand the file format of these backup files. The important one is my contacts list.

So I did a bit of googling, and eventually discovered Nokia PC Suite, which I installed. That let me back up my contacts to csv and text format. So apart from the fact that it's truncated the names of people to what it thinks is enough (14 characters) I now have a backup that I can believe in (meaning, I can actually read it).

I also repaired my panniers, which after a few weeks use were falling apart. I used needle and thread to sew up the seams that were coming apart, followed by Duck (sic) tape to reinforce.

And I replaced the batteries in the bike computer - the thing that tells me what time it is, how fast I'm going and how far I've gone. But while I was doing that, I noticed that several of the spokes in my front wheel were loose, which isn't a good idea, so I used the spoke spanner on my 27-way bike tool to tighten them up.

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