Thursday 5 April 2012

A pogle down to Pompey

Well, not quite to Portsmouth. But nearly. 41 caches, including three puzzles and a sprinkling of multis. I biked for three hours in the morning; most of the rest were on foot. Most of the caches were in the "Novel cache" series; the cache setter makes the cache container appropriate to the novel, which can be quite fun. I also enjoyed an Ant and Deck cache, which was a huge ant glued to a piece of decking, with the cache underneath. Ant and Dec are two popular entertainers.

Freda the Freelander is still at the garage having a brake tube transplant. I used to do this sort of thing myself 40 years ago, when I ran a Morris Minor, but these days the car manufacturers make it very difficult to DIY maintenance. So I went out in the Volvo, a big heavy bus with a terrible turning circle. But better than vegitating at home.

I also saw the worst byway I've seen for a long time; I was barely able to get my bike down it, even wheeling it.

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