Monday 9 April 2012

Seder nights

On the first night, to ladysolly's brother, family and friends; excellent chopped liver, great chicken soup and a fine meal to follow; a pity I couldn't have any wine, but we all had a good time.

On the second night, to my sister and family, plus daughter.2 and boyfriend. More excellent chopped liver, more great chicken soup and a more eastern-type meal to follow; sister's husband is Sephardi, whereas we're Ashkenazi, so there's a slightly different tradition of food, and slightly different seders.

Plus much discussion of the Exodus, as per required on Seder nights; for example, is it right to assume that God has five fingers on each hand? Plus an estimate of how many jews left Egypt at that time; I went for 6,000, citing A) that they went to Egypt with 70 people (it says so in the bible) and a couple of hundred years later, assuming 3% per year population growth (very high birth rate, but also a very high infant mortality and short life span; plus Pharoah denied the Israelites conjugal rights, which would slow things down somewhat) would give you a number of around several thousand; and B) "as numerous as the stars in the sky" is about 6000, assuming that you don't have a telescope, which they didn't.

Then on the third day to daughter.2 for not-a-Seder with daughter.1 in attendance plus grandson.1, with angels on horseback and lamb with a really excellent dish of parsnips and several other goodies.

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