Monday 16 April 2012

I was working on the railway

Because the Night Mail cache stopped working. The Night Mail starts off with, you need to identify the poem (pretty easy). Then you have to run a railway, controlling it over the internet, and watching it with a web cam - that lets you gather some information that gives you the starting point for a night cache, where you follow the trail of fire tacks, while night trains pass fairly near by.

Someone emailed me to say it wasn't working. When I had a look, sure enough, it wasn't. Some checks with a multimeter soon revealed that the 16 volt Hornby transformer wasn't working any more. So I replaced it with a standard 12 volt one, and that gives enough power for the train to run. Meanwhile, I made the amazing discovery that I could get a replacement transformer for just £4.00; I was expecting to be stung for several times that much.

The Night Mail


  1. Hi Doc.,

    How long should I wait for the train, before wondering if it's broke again?

    Casey Jones.

  2. A derailment, fortunately no passengers were injured. The Night Mail is running again now.