Monday 16 April 2012


I was phoned up by one of my suppliers, they were hoping to sell me additional services. Currently, they're selling me one particular service, for £7200 per year, plus vat, and I'm happy with the quality. So I said, before we can talk about additional services, I'd like you to give me a better price on what I'm currently getting from you.

After a week or so, they came back with an offer around £5100. Wow. That unwanted phone call has cost them £2000 so far. But you know what? My mum used to say to me "Always haggle." She could haggle ther hind legs off a donkey. You should always try to get a better price. So I informed them that they had competitors, and could they do better? "How much better" they wanted to know. "I'm not allowed to say", I replied.

So they came back with an offer of £4300. Which I'll probably take.

Always haggle.

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