Monday 6 February 2012

A visit to the dentist

A filling, lower right molar. A little bit of drilling, a howl of pain, a local anasthetic and a numb jaw. More drilling, a bit of poking, a tidge of polyfiller and it's done. Not too bad. But it's never an enjoyable experience. The anasthetic should wear off in a couple of hours.

For the dead servers, I've ordered 11 2tb drives (I don't think there's any point in getting smaller, and the bigger ones aren't good value for money).  But 2tbs used to be £41 and now they're £79, that must be the problem that hit Thailand. Oh well, needs must. So then I downloaded Fedora 16, the latest, and now I'm installing it. The 11 new drives will probably arrive tomorrow, and since the snow is still thick on the ground, I'll spend the day installing them.


  1. Well, good job. The drilling bits of a dentist appointment are not always fun, but they're more or less vital, no? It's good that you went through with it without much fuss.

  2. My dentist tells me that the design life of teeth is about 30-35 years. After that, it's all downhill, and all we can hope is to stave off the inevitable.

    Maybe one day we'll work out how to grow teeth. It can't be that difficult, I've done it twice already.