Friday 17 February 2012

A trip to Bisley

Geocaching in Bisley today; 52 caches done, including 6 puzzle caches. I was on the bike nearly the whole day, so I'm a lot less tired than if I'd been walking. One really big lift over a seven-barred gate, that I nearly couldn't do, and some very mushy ground in places, but mostly good going over bridleways and roads.

As I was passing the shooting range, there were some very loud bangs going on. Do they ever get stray bullets going outside the boundary? I would guess not, but I was glad to get away from there.

I did one long circuit of 27 caches, that used 1 1/2 batteries, and then another shorter circuit of eight, using another half battery. On these long routes, I have the battery on the bike, and two more in my saddlebags; it's not really much more effort than to carry one spare. Plus I can carry the bike lock, pump, spare inner tube and a selection of tools - just in case.

Cache of the day was at a ford; I parked nearby and put my wellies on, and then it was easy, but fun.

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