Tuesday 21 February 2012

ssh fixed and a trip to Cheltenham

I found what I was doing wrong with the ssh backup method, so I won't need to use ftp after all.

And I didn't even know I had a Certified Public Accountant license. So I don't care if they withdraw it ...

Cancellation of Accountant status due to tax return fraud accusations
Dear AICPA member,

We have received a complaint about your possible involvement in income tax fraud for one of your
clients. According to AICPA Bylaw Subsection 600 your Certified Public Accountant license can be
terminated in case of the fact of submitting of a incorrect or fraudulent income tax return on the
member's or a client's behalf.

Please familiarize yourself with the complaint below and provide your feedback to it within 7 days.
The failure to provide the clarifications within this term will result in withdrawal of your CPA

My main server colocation is in Cheltenham, and the way I work it, is I have three backups for each customer-facing server, with all of those poewred off, so they don't run up power charges. I also have two BIG servres, each of them backs up all of the customer-facing servers. This means that if I have a computer go down, I can just bring one of the backups into play, without having to go down there to fix things.

I've been running this way for 15 months now, and not needed to make a trip down there. But now I've got 6 servers down, incluuding one of the BIG servers, so it's time to replace them.

I've set up servers here, running the latest Fedora Linux, version 16, and I've been running them for a week to make sure they're solid. Now it's time to install them at Cheltenham, so I've booked a visit for tomorrow. I'd hope that this will only take a couple of hours, so I'll probably have time to do some caching there also.

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