Sunday 5 February 2012

Six inches of snow

So I said to Her Indoors, I said, "Let's stay indoors". The wireless was saying "Is your journey really necessary?" so we decided to cancel her birthday celebration at the Grove.

Little did I know.

Son-in-law offered to pick us up in his Discovery, so we went after all, and as it happened, the roads were really clear of snow.

So we had a pig-out at the buffet there; I had smoked salmon and casserole of Bambi. Yum.

The women were all rabbiting about "spa treatments". These are totally unnecessary pseudo-medical processes that, apparently, make women feel good while costing about one full-spec IPad each. Me - I get a frequent mud bath for free, plus occasional rain treatments.

Snow. :-( looks like no geocaching until further notice. Gertcha.

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