Sunday 19 February 2012

Pangbourne with ladysolly

I haven't been out caching with ladysolly for a long time, so I chose something a bit special for today - a tour of Pangbourne. GC37FQZ "Do your Homework". I did my homework, found the reference point and the car parking place, and used Ordnance Survey coordinates to work out where the dozen locations are - the fifth digit of an OS map reference represents one meter of distance. So we trekked around the town, and four hours later we had all the numbers. I worked out where the final was, and didn't like the answer. So I changed the colour of the elephant, and that was just as bad. So we went back to the car, and while ladysolly got the coffee ready, I did a bit more research. It turned out, I'd forgotten that I had to use a different reference for the offset to the final - I'd done the homework some weeks ago. So I did that, and we went there, and it was no use; about 50 meters into private land across a fence. So I changed the colour of the elephant again, and that gave me a plot bang on the footpath we were already on. We eagerly trundled along to there, and made an immediate find! Hurrah.

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