Thursday 2 February 2012

Music on my tablet

I have an el cheapo 8" tablet, it only cost £70, and is much inferior to an iPad, but at an eight of the cost. And I've been exploring Chas and Dave on Youtube with it. But I've found that the selection available there, (and in many cases the sound quality) is much inferior to what I have from my own CD collection.

Well, a few years ago, my carousel CD player stopped carouselling, and I decided that it's obsolete anyway, so I transferred all my music CDs to MP3 (and Ogg), and I have them on a file server.

So I thought, can I play those on the tablet? Hmmm.

First, I had to get Samba on the tablet - Samba is the thing that lets you share files using the Microsoft SMB protocol (the unix way is NFS, and each of them has advantages). It turned out that I already had it using ES File Explorer, which I updated. And to connect up to my music server, all I had to do was tell ES File Explorer which server it was. That let me browse the files on my music server. I went to my Chas and Dave directory, found "One Fing and Annuver", selected all the tracks, and now it's playing. Simples!

The quality is poor, because the speakers on the tablet are rubbish. Idea! I plugged a speaker into the earphone port, and voila - decent quality.

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