Wednesday 8 February 2012

More snow, more boxes

Still the snow outside, plus it's very cold. So building more boxes today.

Plus I phoned to complain about the spam they sent me, on 08454 679179. I must say, the guy I spoke to there was quite short with me. "Get a life" was his comment. Still, in mitigation, he did say that he was very busy.

Ladysolly's malaise has improved a bit - she's sitting up and playing with her iPad, a good sign.

And Lifesure called me back, they're investigating how come they sent me a spam. Plus another letter from the Halifax, this time enclosing their "How to complain" leaflet. Interestingly, the Financial Services Agency gives them eight weeks to resolve a complaint, and their leaflet also tells me how to contact the Financial Ombudsman, on 0845 080 1800, which might be useful some time.

For a while now, something behind me has been going "Ching-chang" occasionally. I've been gradually eliminating what isn't doing it, but I suddenly got inspired as to what it is.

A long long time again, I got my Nokia 7800 phone, my first Smartphone. I wanted it to be a phone, duh (some smartphones are pretty pants at being a phone, but this one is fine), but I also wanted it to be able to access the internet when I'm in the middle of a muddy field, and need info. But I always want to see what else I can do, so I:

Worked out how to use it as an ssh terminal, so I can access my servers when I'm in the middle of a muddy field.

Worked out how to use it as a Wifi hotspot, so I can use a decent computer when I'm in the middle of a muddy field.

And a few other things that look like they ought to be useful, but which I've never actually used.

One of the things I set up, is an email account that automatically forwards to the phone, if anything it sent to that address. And what's happening, is that occasionally something I do, or something someone else does, triggers an email to that address, and the phone is telling me "New email".

I'm glad I've sussed that, it's been bothering me.

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