Friday 10 February 2012

Lunch on your lawyer!

That was what the email from Nancy A. Christenson offered. And I've always wanted to have lunch on a lawyer, although obviously I'd want a clean tablecloth between my lunch and the legal body, so I replied, "Yes please, am I in time to be included?" According to her email, I opted in to her email list. Actually, I'm certain that I didn't, because it came on an email that I only ever used once - as the email that shows up in the whois database, so it was clearly harvested from there.

She replied "Unfortunately, since our last email all the spots on February 15 have filled up. 
I'm hoping the 22nd will work for your schedule.
There is a spot reserved for you on that date, but please let me know at your earliest convenience."

So I emailed back saying that the 22nd would be fine, and I asked her about the venue. I'm hoping that it isn't in Oregon, USA, where they appear to be based - after all, why would she have emailed me if she wasn't organising this lunch in the UK?

Oh, and I forgot to ask who would be paying for this lunch - I'll ask her next time. I've been assuming that they'll be paying, but I shouldn't make assumptions. Oh, and I'll have to ask if she'll pay my travel expenses - if the lunch turns out to be in Oregon where they're based, that could be a bit expensive.

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