Tuesday 7 February 2012

A letter from China

Offering me half of the $10.5 million left by Arthur Solomon, who was involved in an accident and died intestate in China. The letter is long and complicated and gives much detail, and ... unusually ... came through the post. So it cost someone actual money to post it! Unlike the dead Nigerian princes I usually get by email.

Poor old Arthur. I always told him not to go skiiing along the Great Wall, but would he listen? He would not. The lack of snow there would not have deterred him, he was always an adventurous type. Last year he went underwater hang-gliding, and the year before that he went bee-hunting in Romania.

Mr Hung Pang, who wrote to me, says that I do not need to have known dear old Arthur, and asks me not to betray his confidence, so I won't. He's already been a bit busy, and from the kick-off in 2000, made an additional $1.5 million in the first month alone - by now, if he kept up that rate of return, I calculate that the fund must be £500,000,000,000,000. That's 500 trillion dollars. Almost enough to pay off the UK National Debt (only kidding, the National Debt is only one trillion pounds).

So I'm not going to fall for this scam. Offering me a mere $5m out of his $500 trillion pot! I'll wait until he ups the offer.

In other news, ladysolly has a tummy upset. Maybe the fish she ate at the restaurant last night, I thought it looked horrible.

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