Monday 27 February 2012


Down to Hook today; a circuit of 20, about 7 miles which took me three hours, including a rather fun climb up a cutting toward a motorway (but stopping at the fence) to get a micro. Then onto the bike for a tour of Hook, and finally a bunch of drive-bys and cache-and-dashes for a total of 41 finds, no DNFs. My hip didn't like it much, though, and my thighs are telling me "Rest day tomorrow".

A drive crash on Cully, and it's the system drive, so I had to reload the system on a new drive. I tried to load Fedora 16, the latest, but that wouldn't go, neither would Fedora 15, for some reason the Gigabyte motherboard I'm using can't handle those. But Fedora 13 went on fine.

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