Wednesday 29 February 2012


I like to maintain my GSAK database of caches, so I get Groundspeak to send me emails telling me about archived caches - it's so annoying to go for a cache and find that it's been archived. But recently, I got so many emails about caches that have been archived, I was facing a long time updating (by hand) the GSAK data. So I had a quick google, and decided to update to GSAK 8. With that, I was able to tell it "Update status", and a few hours later, all 120,000 of the caches on my GSAK database were brought up to date. Very nice!

One problem with updating to GSAK 8 - my 47gb hard drive (at the time, ten years ago, I thought it was a monster) was too full for it to do the database reindex that it wanted to do, so I've done a lot of deletes on that computer, and then it was able to go ahead. I'm thinking that it's reached cruft force six and will soon need a fresh Windows install, plus installation of whatever software I need, if only I can find the CDs.

My antispam efforts seem to have borne substantial fruit. The three email addresses that I've been blitzing, are no longer getting any spam, apart from the viagra-watches-scam emails that are probably unstoppable (but are readily stopped by my roll-your-own filter). In addition, the cheque for £50 from the Halifax arrived, plus the RNIB are £25 better off via the donation from a spammer. And a number of companies have been politely informed about the existence of the PEC (2003) Regulation, and the illegality of sending me email without my consent. And I've noticed that some of them now recognise my name when I phone them.

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