Thursday 23 February 2012

Cheltenham done

Cheltenham went well. I got to the colocation at 11:30, swapped the drives from one server into another, installed that, installed five others, and took out the dead six servers. Then I wanted to log in to test the new servers, so I set up a workstation and tried to connect to them. I worked out how to change the workstation from a static IP address to use their DHCP - I was quite pleased that I was able to do that. But after a few seconds, I realised that my firewall was stopping me from connecting, which is exactly what it's supposed to do. So I put a keyboard and monitor on one of the new servers and checked them all out that way - they were all working.

When I got home, I made all the name changes that were needed, and I'm reloading the data that they're missing. But one server wouldn't start up - isn't that always the way? Well, it's not critical, it's the "fourth copy" of that particular thing - I've got three working servers with the same stuff, so that will have to do. Annoying, though.

I'd finished at 1:30, so I went to the hamburger stall across the road, and very good it was too. Then I left the car at the colo, and got on my bike, and biked round Cheltenham doing 20 caches. I got back just before dark and did a couple more on the way home.

Ladysolly has been very worried that she might have given chickenpox to grandson.1; it was a couple of weeks after she had shingles (which is caused by the chickenpox virus) so we thought she wasn't infectious, but can one ever be certain?

However, it turned out that grandson.1 didn't have chickenpox, he had a skin rash. So ladysolly can sleep again.

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