Tuesday 7 February 2012

Building boxes

The new drives arrived today, well done Bluepoint, delivery next day! So I've started to build the new computers. Four out of six built so far, and with the snow on the ground outside, caching looks less attractive anyway, so I can make good use of the snowbound time. Operating systems loaded up (Fedora version 16), software loaded, and now putting the backed-up data files in place. There's no big urgency here; the customer facing computers are looking fine, and each of them has a working backup - what I'm building here, is the second backups. Having two backup systems makes everything more relaxed, and for a very small cost - a 4 terabyte computer costs about £250 or so.

Meanwhile, I got a spam from a company "Christian broadband". It's how to write a love letter.

To be precise, the company is Etico, but a bit of sniffing around reveals a small group of companies all with Tim Longton as director, one of which is "Christian broadband".

On their web page, they say that their service is ideal if "You don't want to be bombarded with or tempted by unhelpful internet content."

I just love the "unhelpful", it's almost as vague as "inappropriate". Anyway - their spam is unhelpful.

So I phoned Tim up, and I have to say that his attitude was quite Christian - he denied breaking the law, said "It's only a regulation", wasn't at all polite to me, and seemed to think that it was perfectly OK for him to send me spam on how to write a love letter because he'd bought the spamming list in good faith. Well, faith can spam mountains, I've heard. And he said he'd call me back with the name of the organisation that sold him the database, but that hasn't happened yet.


  1. Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying reading here. You haven't had many comments, and I wouldn't want you to think that means no readers :)

  2. Thanks - it's quite fun writing them, it's a bit like writing a diary. Maybe 400 years from now, someone will use this to see how life was in the Dark Ages, a bit like we read Pepys.

    And I'm pleased to get comments, so thanks.