Friday 10 February 2012

£50 from the Halifax

I just got a phone call from the Halifax; they've been investigating my complaint about spam, and they tracked it back via Freedom Marketing to Azam Marketing, and they're now trying to find out how my email address got onto the list in the first place.

And then James Appleton, the very nice man I've been talking to there, really surprised me - they're going to send me a cheque for £50 in compensation for my time and trouble. Well, I wasn't expecting that, and certainly haven't been asking for compensation, but I'm not going to refuse!


  1. Update ... the letter with the "cheque enclosed" arrived ... minus the cheque.

  2. So I called them - James says that the checque will be in a separate letter.

  3. Was there any spam in the first envelope they sent you? You could be onto an earner here, drsolly!

  4. There was advertising, of course, but I wouldn't regard that as spam, since I'd consented to them sending me the cheque (even though the cheque didn't arrive till later).

    Anyway - I've spent it all now, on wine, women and song.