Wednesday 11 January 2012

The first snowdrops

I was out caching yesterday in Wiltshire, and saw the first snowdrops of the year.


I spent a while rooting around here, and eventually found the cache, not as per hint. I'd just replaced it as per hint, when a muggle called to me from the pavement. "Hi! Are you OK?" "Yes thank you," I answered. You don't have to answer the question she'd meant to ask, only the one that she actually did ask. "Are you looking for something?" she continued. "I'm fine, thanks," I replied. You don't actually have to answer the question asked, you can answer some completely different qwuestion. But then she got specific. "What were you doing there?" So I got specific. "I'm counting the slugs," I replied. That's usually the end of it, but she struggled on gamely. "Why?" "I'm counting the slugs," I repeated. You don't actually have to answer the question asked. And I dug into my shoulder bag and showed her my "British Slug Survey" badge. That reassured her, of course, and she started to make excuses. "It's just that you're wearing camouflage, and you're down by the side of that fince." "Perfectly understandable," I forgave her magnanimously, got into the car and Paul drove away.

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  1. You will have to show me your 'British Slug Survey badge when we next meet up! Violet.. aka..