Thursday 5 January 2012

Blown to bits

Today I went to Hambledon, and got blown to bits. I mean, I spent several hours walking in very strong winds, and I was slightly nervous about the possibility of being clouted by a falling branch or even tree. But I guess the two previous days of strong winds had brought down most of the dodgy timber.

I did the Novel Caches (many of them), and I managed to get the bonus despite lacking a couple of the letters, and (especially) despite getting one of the letters wrong. But fortunately, my Cachers Nose sniffed an interesting looking tree a few hundred feet away, which on investigation turned up trumps.

It rained all the way during my drive down to the start, but miraculously (i.e., as per weather forecast) it stopped when I parked and got my feet moving. 41 caches found today, including the bonus, wihch was tricky because I was missing a few of the numbers, and one of them was wrong, which put me a few hundred feet from where it actually was. It's nice when you find a cache despite such handicaps.

I phoned my usual supplier to buy a colour laser printer, the cost would have been £100. I say "would have been", because I also asked the cost of new cartridges. £90. Blimey! I'll think again.

 Later ... OK, I thought again. I'll get another inkjet like the one I got for ladysolly, which means that we can share a small stock of replacement cartridges. Printer £39, cartridges £15. But I'm getting it from Amazon, rather than my usual supplier, because Amazon are a tidge cheaper.

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