Tuesday 27 December 2011

A trip to Worthing

But first, a series of 18 caches plus a bonus just North of there, plus a couple of diversions to pick up three extras. That took me up to lunchtime, then I relocated to another ring of 13. And then finally to Worthing, to pick up a puzzle I'd solved, then on to Shoreham, for a night-time bike ride along the sea front. I watched the sun go down over the sea while I searched for a stubborn micro, then trundled east then west for another dozen caches.A total of 54 finds, no DNFs, and a very nice day out.

I wore the boots I used on the Essex Death March, minus the gel inserts, taken out because I think they made the boots a tidge too tight, and I was right, they felt maybe half a tidge too tight. So I think they're good for, say, 8 miles, but not 14 miles. But then, I'm not good for 14 miles either.

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