Monday 26 December 2011

A tablet for Christmas

Hurrah, a tablet for Christmas! It's an 8 inch Android, it does two-fingered gestures, it cost £69, plus another £23 for a 32 gb memory card. It can use AndroidMarket, and I'm planning to use it as a book reader, web access and ssh terminal.

I also inherited daughter.2's Kindle, which she's had for a year and never used. I've put four P G Wodehouse books on it from Gutenburg, and it only took me an hour to work out how (I email them to after telling it to allow stuff from my email address).

Meanwhile, in the season of goodwill to all, some scrote has made at least 500 attempts to access one of the web sites that I do security for. Unsuccessful. From 500 different IP addresses, so he's using a botnet. I forgive you, scrote.

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