Friday 23 December 2011

Getting stuffed

I was getting about 10% of the bandwidth that I should get. Plus intermittent disconnect. And this is a Megastream, a guaranteed, high-cost leased line, not one of your cheap broadband rubbish things. So I called my provider, reported the fault, and was told it would be dealt with same day. That was at 1:30 pm.

Come 10:30 pm, nothing seemed to have happened, so I called them again. They said they'd sent me an email (nothing had arrived). The email was asking me to perform a test that they'd asked me to do on the first call, and which I had done. But the person I was speaking to, hadn't noted that I'd done it.

So, for 8 hours, nothing happened, because they thought they'd emailed me to ask me to do something, and they thought I wasn't responding.

Of course, when the problem is internet connectivity, it's not too clever to send me an email, because the email might not get to me because of the problem that I just reported to them. And it didn't occur to them to phone me.

So I got them to send me a test email, just to make sure that they have the right email address, and that worked fine. So, my best guess is they didn't send me the email they thought they'd sent - wrong email address, or forgot to hit "send", or something.

So at 10:30, I gave them the "annoyed customer" conversation, and they've said they'll look into it.

By the way, we had the same problem a few weeks ago, and I thought they'd fixed it when an engineer went to my local BT exchange and waved his magic socks or something, and suddenly I was getting 100% of the bandwidth that I should get.

But now we're back to 10%, plus intermittent disconnect.

And it's Christmas.

Which means all the engineers are getting stuffed.

Just like I am.

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