Saturday 31 December 2011

Another dog

Ladysolly and I were walking along the footpath on our way to a cache, and we encountered a dog walker, with dog. The dog ran up to me and started its aggressive barking thing, so I just stood still and waited for it to go away, or for the owner to do something.

The owner, of course, called and yelled, the dog took no notice, and I carried on standing there, keeping an eye on the dog, because I don't want to be attacked from the rear.

Eventually, the owner reached where I was, and I told him "I think you should get your dog under control."

I was really surprised by his reaction. "Someone should get you under control!" he retorted. Huh? I was just standing there, not moving. Not shouting. Not being aggressive. "He's never done this before," he continued. I didn't tell him that the last time I heard that, it was just after I'd been bitten by an Alsatian. "You must have done something for him to react like that!" he said.

Well, I hadn't. I'd just stood there, waiting for the dog to go away, or get put on a lead, or something.  But in his mind, his lovely furry friend had never barked at anyone before, therefore it must be my fault.

Eventually, he walked on, still unable to get his dog under control, and for a while afterwards, his dog was rushing back to have another bark at me, and I could hear the owner calling futilely to get him back.

I suspect that this is an accident waiting to happen.

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